The Rockport Songwriter Association (RSA) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting the art of songwriting through out the Coastal Bend and the State of Texas.  Our main event is the yearly Rockport Songwriter Festival held on the 2nd weekend of November, as well as performances throughout the year at The Harbor Tent and The Harbor Listening Room in Fulton, TX.

Mission Statement

The RSA is dedicated to nurturing and promoting the art of songwriting in the Coastal Bend of Texas.  Our directors receive no compensation ensuring 100% of all donations and profits benefit the RSA and its programs.  The following are some of the goals we will pursure over the coming years.


The Rockport Song Cast

The RSA board will select upcoming Texas songwriters nominated by their peers (primarily artists from our festivals and listening room series) to participate in our RSC program.  They will be brought to Rockport to spend a week in a world class recording studio with a producer/engineer/mentor to record a collection of their songs. These song will be made into 1000 CDs to help the artist supplement their touring income at no cost to the artist.

No Cost Workshops

RSA will present songwriting and business workshops for songwriters at no cost throughout the year.


RSA will host free performances throughout the year with both established and upcoming songwriters to increase the visibility of both the songwriters and the organization.


RSA will have the ability to produce, record and stream workshops, interviews and performances to be developed into an online resource.

Outside Donations

RSA will contribute monetarily to other non-profit organizations that support songwriting and education.

The RSA was founded by co-directors John Macy and Craig Griffin.  Sandy Jumper is our treasurer/secretary and our advisory board members are Joe Ables from The Saxon Pub and Dalis Allen from the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance.